For over twenty years, Michilli Inc. has delivered premium quality and service to over 150 commercial, retail, and residential projects. Led by founder Angelo Michilli, the company has provided construction and consulting services ranging from offices and showrooms to luxury retail boutiques and private homes. Our projects vary in size, scope, and location, yet our commitment to excellence remains the same. Our global sourcing network, highly skilled tradespeople, and experienced management team powers our collaboration with designers and architects and owners to create the landmarks of tomorrow.

For each project, our service is backed by three key commitments:

Communications & Teamwork
We believe in maintaining a constant and open channel of communication with our clients.

  • A Project Manager oversees all aspects of construction and interfaces with the client and team

  • A Superintendent is on-site at all times to ensure that work proceeds smoothly and efficiently

  • Our President and senior-level executives are aware of all project proceedings

Consulting & Advisory
We believe in responding quickly to challenges when they arise.

  • We provide expert technical advice and consultation on critical decisions

  • Our experience gives us the know-how to troubleshoot common issues and provide solutions to proceed without delay

Value Engineering
We believe in delivering the products our clients want within the budgets they have.

  • We offer several alternative solutions that meet the project requirements
  • We identify which resources can be saved and either re-applied elsewhere or accumulated to reduce costs overall

Organizations and Affiliations

  • Michilli is proud to be affiliated with the following institutions: