The Plan to Bring Supreme to the Masses


The Plan to Bring Supreme to the Masses
This week, everyone will be talking about VF Corp.’s plans for Supreme, Haute Couture Week in Paris and LVMH’s latest financial results. Get your BoF Professional Cheat Sheet.

Supreme operates only 12 stores. More are likely to open under new owner VF Corp.
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· Vans and The North Face-owner VF Corp. reports fiscal third-quarter results on Jan. 27

· Late last year, the conglomerate acquired Supreme for $2.1 billion

· In January, VF said it would release supply chain data tracing the origins of products to Tier 4 suppliers

VF Corp. has historically flown under the radar. The company reported over $10 billion in revenue in its last fiscal year, and its brands frequently release high-profile collaborations, with The North Face X Gucci being the latest. Yet the company itself is practically unknown to consumers. It’s getting harder to hide now that VF owns perhaps the buzziest brand of them all in Supreme.

Supreme’s large and loyal fan base will be watching closely for signs that VF is meddling with its new purchase. They can probably let their guard down a bit; the company has plenty of experience providing resources for brands like Vans and North Face to grow without leaving too many fingerprints.

VF has been making waves in other areas as well. It’s one of the biggest fashion companies yet to move its regional headquarters from Hong Kong to Shanghai, reflecting the shift in economic gravity toward mainland China. It’s also expanding its traceability disclosures, and by the end of the year will allow anyone to map out how and where 100 products are made, down to their raw materials.

The Bottom Line: Between its aggressive sustainability push and its Supreme acquisition, VF Corp. may be the company to watch in 2021.