Gucci Arrives in Soho, NYC

Gucci came to SoHo, NYC -->
Housing women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, jewelry, accessories, and décor, the Gucci Wooster space will also be the first place in the world to feature the new Gucci DIY collection. This hub for creativity and innovation will be the first to feature a preview of the Gucci Dapper Dan collection two months prior to the worldwide launch.

Gucci Plants Its Flag in Soho -->
In an exclusive interview at Gucci's newest retail outpost, chief executive Marco Bizzarri explains why the brand is throwing out the "snobbish" luxury retail playbook in a bid to convince its internet-savvy customers there is still a reason to shop in stores.

Is Gucci Stylish or Tacky? Yes -->
The idea of luxury has come to include the stylish and unstylish, the well-to-do and the aspiring, the sincere and the ironic, the real and the fake.

New York’s so-called ‘retail apocalypse’ isn’t that bad -->
In the last year, dropping retail rents have motivated big brands to seek storefronts — which are now less expensive — along the city’s prime shopping strips.