H. Stern


645 5th Avenue


SawickiTarella Architecture & Design


H.Stern has reopened its Fifth Avenue flagship in New York. The understated luxury as seen in metal textures and organic shapes while introducing a more modern and unique design. The architecture complements the delicate craft of the jewelry by creating an atmosphere that reflects the inside of a jewelry box. The interior features decorative custom wood paneling and hand woven carpet all in neutral tones, creating an inviting shopping experience. The design incorporates an emphasis on shapes including the dome ceiling and curved display cases. The design team took the façade to a new level and created a one-of-a-kind bronze cladding system, made up of over 600 individual curved metal sections. The individual sections, with overlapped installation, form a flowing texture that mimics the curve in the “S’ of H. Stern. This subtle detail makes a huge impact as the storefront catches the sunlight and gives off radiant golden tones.

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