Acne Studios


Los Angeles, California


Geoff Crowther Architects


The construction of Acne Studios’ Los Angeles flagship entailed the complete demolition of the existing interior and portions of the exterior space. We removed and replaced the interior ceilings, MEP system, and HVAC unit. This project also involved the demolition of the entire courtyard, irrigation system, and storefront. Once the demolition phase was complete we proceeded to pour a new concrete base on the floor –which was later outfitted with light gray stone flooring. The original ceiling was replaced with corrugated metal painted in acid yellow. Installation of owner provided light fixtures (which were designed by Benoit Lalloz) was part of our scope of work, as was the upgrading of electrical systems needed to accommodate 85 units of this aluminum light fixture. The coordination of other owner provided items we managed included Max Lamb petrified wood benches and a Daniel Silver sculpture that doubles as Fitting Rooms. The installation of floor to ceiling starphire glass and necessary storefront framing was conducted, as was the fabrication and installation of aluminum display racks and built-ins.

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