Hudson Yards, New York


Howell Belanger Castelli Architects


Aritzia’s Hudson Yards flagship was a 6,129 SF project (5,618 SF was dedicated to retail space while 511 SF to BOH improvements) that was conducted within a 16-week construction schedule at one of New York’s most historic sites. Before commencing with this project we identified and addressed three major hurdles: Security, Site Deliveries, and Staging of Materials. Our answer to the increased security concerns of this site was to pre-qualify all bidding subcontractors to ensure they have adequate man power available and have been approved to build at this location. For site deliveries we were able to use our prior experience with the site’s web-based reservation system to limit traffic on site and to keep downtime for manpower to a minimum. Finally, for staging of materials we utilized our local warehouse to ensure a controlled environment where we conducted quality control and inventory checks of owner supplied items before sending these on-site. By doing this the quality of work and productivity of the team members stay at an optimized level.

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