San Jose, CA


SPACE Architecture


The construction of the new Versace establishment in the expansion area of the Valley fair Mall took place within a 14-week construction schedule. This 3,467 SF project took the place of a much smaller location within the Mall. Versace is a high-end retail establishment that provides clothes and accessories of the highest quality. Versace requires their establishment matches or exceeds the quality of their products. The new store has features that include Italian supplied and installed stonework of exquisite quality and beauty. The fixtures and displays are also supplied and installed by Italian craftsmen. Some of the details include lining up the gout lines of the floor tiles with the fixtures that are also in line with the recessed lighting troughs. This creates a seamless high-quality look throughout the new retail space. The carpet, stonework and furnishing all match in color in their respective areas including the fitting rooms. This Versace store is as pleasing to look at as the excellent Versace Merchandise.

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