Off White


Miami, FL


AMO Architecture and Design


Off White Opens its Newest Concept store located in Miami’s ever-evolving Design District. The 2,700 square foot space continues to push the envelope of what’s new in architecture and fashion combined. Fashion designer Virgil Abloh and AMO director Samir Bantal wanted to create a flexible space that can adjust to the ever-changing events in and around Miami. This two-level store is encapsulated by an opaque polycarbonate wall, the first of its kind in the state of Florida. The ground floor features Eurowall glass doors that open up to the sidewalk creating a completely open façade. Inside the store there is a movable partition that can be pushed front to back creating the flexibility needed to change the space based on the event of the day. Featuring bleached white concrete floors, galvanized steel wall panels, metal mesh ceilings and an all-glass partition that separates the stockroom from the retail space, creating a backdrop for the bright blue metal staircase leading to the upper level.

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