Park Avenue


Mario Ciuffarin AIA -- with Trivia Group


The 4,400 square-foot space showcases the latest season’s designs and welcomes customers and design professionals alike. Located in bustling Park Avenue FRATO has put its own stamp on the space, renovating it to a high standard, ready to display its fully customisable furniture and accessories in a beautiful setting. Showcasing the brand’s signature blend of classic and contemporary styles, FRATO’s collections have a timeless appeal. Furniture, upholstery, lighting and accessories come in a selection of luxury finishes such as brass, velvet and marble, and a refined colour palette. At 500 Park Avenue, you’ll find some of FRATO’s iconic new pieces. With so many pieces to explore, and an array of finishes to choose from, a visit to FRATO’s flagship store is the perfect way to imagine how your Frato home would look like.

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