Service Work

Service Work

Michilli Servizio's nationwide network is fast, responsive, and will keep your space in pristine shape with minimal interruption.


Emergency Service Call: Any service call that requires immediate service within a 24 hour period.

Regular Service Call: Any service call that requires service within a 48 hour period.

Preventive Maintenance: Provides one service call per month for miscellaneous repairs. Pricing varies due to the scope of work being performed and will be outlined in our Maintenance Agreement.

Rates & conditions are outlined in the Service Agreement, which is available upon request.



  • When you place a service request, a Michilli Servizio representative will contact you to review the scope of work and qualify the urgency of the call (Emergency, Regular, or Preventive Maintenance).


  • After your call is qualified, Michilli Servizio will contact a local representative to dispatch the service call and obtain an expected time of arrival for the contractor at the project site.
  • Michilli Servizio will provide all necessary contact information for the contractor who will perform the work.

Follow up:

  • After the call has been dispatched, Michilli Servizio will add the request to their service schedule and provide you with any updates, conflicts or requests for additional information.
  • If a contractor misses a scheduling time or date, Michilli Servizio will update you immediately to discuss the issue.
  • If Michilli Servizio’s contractor does not respond in an appropriate amount of time, they will re-dispatch the service call to another subcontractor to complete the job within a timely manner.


  • After a service call has been completed, Michilli Servizio will contact you to confirm that the service and work met your expectations.
  • After the call has been confirmed, Michilli Servizio will submit a bill for time, material, travel, deliveries and supervision required to complete the call.