Special Projects

Special Projects

Michilli Inc. values a deep understanding of each of our clients and offers the Special Projects service for any unique projects that need full-time guidance.


  • Within 24 hours of the request, a Michilli representative will schedule an appointment to survey the jobsite to make their preliminary assessment.
  • After the preliminary assessment, Michilli Servizio will coordinate subcontractors to review job pricing.


  • Michilli Servizio will provide pricing for all necessary subcontractor considerations, including pricing, labor, general conditions, OH&P, supervision, and protection.


  • When a project is approved, Michilli Servizio will send a request for a deposit in order to mobilize the project. Payment will be required in order to proceed with scheduling.


  • After payment has been received, Michilli Servizio will provide you with a commencement date and preliminary schedule of completion.

Change Orders:

  • If a project requires any additional changes from the original scope of work, Michilli Servizio will provide a separate proposal unless otherwise directed.


  • Once a special project is confirmed, Michilli Servizio will submit a bill for the necessary time, material, travel, deliveries and supervision.
  • Once a special project has been completed, Michilli Servizio will contact you to confirm the service and work has met your expectations.